The Loop Choke Stroke- (Part VII) Shane’s BJJ Story.

3 min readFeb 27, 2019

Part 7 — By Chris Martin

Shane reached out to me by email after he discovered my stroke story online earlier this month:

You can email Shane or myself with any question about our story.

Shane’s stroke happened in 2016 and came with some serious complications as he wrote about in Jiu Jitsu Forums on 7/6/2017 (just one month before my bjj accident):

Shane’s story is similar to some of the other stroke stories from survivors with similar “after practice” stories. These strokes seem to be more common that the Jiu Jitsu community believes, so Shane and I both believe that it is important that all practitioners are aware of the increased risk of a stroke from an injury to the neck from a neck crank, or a choke.

Shane rolling with Loop Chokes prior to his stroke.

Shane’s stroke was also caused by a dissection which also resulted in the doctor’s placing a stent in his left carotid artery, just like I have. Unfortunately, about 6 months after his stroke Shane had a complication with his stent which has kept him off the mats since his stroke.

Although there have been no reports about the effects on BJJ with a stent in the practitioners neck I am back on the mats training myself, and after he is cleared in April of 2019, Shane has plans of returning as well.

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